Off-White Dunk Rug

    $129.00 – $549.00

    Virgil's dunk designs were inspired by skate cultures adoption of the basketball silhouettes in the mid 1980's.

    Off-White ICA University Gold Rug

    $129.00 – $549.00

    This Off-White design was created in celebration of Figures of Speech exhibition opening at the ICA Boston in 2021. Virgil's deconstruction of the timeless Air force silhouette gave the model new...

    OFF-WHITE Jordan 1 Rug

    $129.00 – $549.00

    The Off-White x Nike collaboration was the most anticipated release of 2017. This shoe released with 9 other Nike designs, under the title "The 10" edition. This color takes inspiration...

    Omega Seamaster Rug

    $69.00 – $750.00

    Omegas sporty Seamaster is an homage to the omega brand and their historic diver history. Rugtomize's Seamaster design has a deep black base but uses a collage of colors to...

    Omega Watch Rug

    $135.00 – $639.00

    The omega watch is a legendary piece and a must for any enthusiast's collection.  These omega designs are in 3 sizes, which are 3, 5, and 7 feet, prices will...

    On the Court Rug


    Official Warner Brothers Licensed for Space Jam DayEdition: 1002' x 3' Felt Rug

    Oneness by The Art of Chase


    Edition: 15' x 7.5' Persian rug

    Orange and Blue Evil Rug

    $69.00 – $750.00

    The Evil Eye goes back thousands of years and is said to be "one of the most powerful and most ancient symbols in the world". The Evil Eye when worn...

    Original Pothole by Bachor


    2' x 3' Diamond RugEdition of 50

    Outsiders by Brice Gelot


    Edition: 1 6' x 8.75' Diamond Rug

    Pablo by Sean Flores


    Edition: 5 3' x 3.8' Canvas Rug Sean’s stunning mixed media canvases place cartoon characters from his youth in a contemporary context, and are striking for the upbeat mood, the...

    Painted Skull Rug

    $49.00 – $69.00

    Rugtomize's Halloween collection features designs that fit your spooky needs, from doormats to living room pieces.

    Pajama Rug

    $79.00 – $445.00

    The Rugtomize Holiday Collection features festive designs to add to doorstep or living space. Each rug is hand tailored and engineered with our in house durable and soft material. Handcrafted...

    Panda Dunk Rug

    $129.00 – $549.00

    This dunk design was created in 1985, seeing a major resurgence in the sneaker community in 2022. The simple and clean silhouette makes it easy to add into any living...

    Panerai (Tennis Green)

    $135.00 – $639.00

    The Submersible is a popular model in the Panerai collection, being able to be submerged underwater, hence the name Submersible. This Panerai design is reminiscent of a tennis ball with...

    Parlay by Diana Georgie


    Limited Time Release5' x 5' Diamond Rug


    $69.00 – $750.00

    This Patek was influenced by the comic artist Jack Kirby and pop artist Andy Warhol. The pateks saturated colors with deep blacks are reminiscent of 70's pop art and comic...

    Patek Philipe Rug

    $69.00 – $750.00

    This collection features variations of the Patek Philippe watch, the models chosen were the Complications, the Celestial, and the Calatrava. These models are legendary in the Patek collection, as each...

    Patek Runner Rug w: NTWRK


    Edition: 255' Canvas Rug

    Penny's Balloon Rug w: NTWRK


    Edition: 253' Long Felt Rug

    Pennywise Rug

    $49.00 – $69.00

    Rugtomize's Halloween collection features designs that fit your spooky needs, from doormats to living room pieces.

    Picasso Skull Extraction by Paul Jackson


    Edition: 13.5' x 6' Diamond Rug 

    Pilgrim Jim by Matt Owen


    Edition: 13' x 3' Persian Rug

    Pill Head by Michael Reeder


    Edition: 1 - sold at Woven RugArt show 4.35' x 8' Persian Rug Michael Reeder was born in Dallas, Texas in 1982, where he grew up influenced by the local...


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