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    RIOT by Flore


    Edition:  50” x 90” Persian Rug Christopher Florentino, known professionally as Flore, is an international American Contemporary Fine artist born in Brooklyn, New York. Flore embodies 'the spirit of Keith...

    Medusa by Isaac Pelayo


    Sold Out 30" Canvas Rug NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please select 'pick up in person' and we will invoice you your country's shipping rate separately.  Isaac Pelayo has mastered juxtaposition...

    The Seventh Letter x Rugtomize


    Edition: 10 6' x 6' Canvas Rug

    Pablo by Sean Flores


    Edition: 5 3' x 3.8' Canvas Rug Sean’s stunning mixed media canvases place cartoon characters from his youth in a contemporary context, and are striking for the upbeat mood, the...

    Goat Taxi by Matt Gordon


    Edition: 5  4' x 6' Persian Rug

    'The Cosmos Are None of My Business' by Hikari Shimoda


    Edition: 3 8.5' x 4.83' Persian Rug Sparkling and sweet, Hikari Shimoda’s work is at once enchanting and disarming, portraying a world where cuteness and horror coexist. Based in Nagano,...

    Hummingbird by Paul A Lewin


    Edition 1 4' x 4' Felt Rug About Paul: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973 and moved to the U.S. with my family in 1977. I currently live in...

    Smile, but don't trust anyone by Paul Jackson


    Edition: 10 30" Canvas Rug

    Bloom by ILL.DES


    Edition: 1 5' x 5' Canvas Rug ILL.DES is an artist living and working in Denver, CO. He is a member of the Neo Gravity and Apex Collective. His style...

    Cracked Spirit by GATS PTV


    Edition: 1  6' x 8' Canvas Rug Oakland, CA-based street artist GATS (an acronym for “graffiti against the system”) is an international graffiti legend, creating outdoor art in places that...

    VOID by TYP


    Edition: 1 4' x 4' Diamond Rug Troy Murray a.k.a. TYP is a multidisciplinary artist based out of both metro Detroit and Los Angeles. He works in a variety of...

    Mozart by t.wei


    Edition: 1 3' x 7.1' Diamond Rug

    Bunny Time by Lecrue Eyebrows


    Edition: 1 4' x 5' Canvas Rug The art of LeCrue Eyebrows, established in 2014, he focuses on the free form motion and sporadic thought as a creative process. Escape into his world...



    Edition: 1 5.9' x 7.8' Diamond Rug Noségo is a Philadelphia based artist with a passion for combining fine art with contemporary styling. Through a marriage of dynamic patterns and...

    Vortex by Defer


    Edition: 1 5' x 7.4' Persian Rug As a pioneer member of the first generation of LA Graffiti crews, K2S, STN and KGB, Kizu’s influence on the Los Angeles graffiti...

    Station Cleaning by Ces


    Edition: 2 5' x 5' Persian Rug

    'Simple Math' by Chris RWK


    Edition: 1 of 1 4' x 5.2' Persian Rug

    'All Alive' by Hikari Shimoda


    Edition: 3 8.5' x 6.75' Persian Rug Sparkling and sweet, Hikari Shimoda’s work is at once enchanting and disarming, portraying a world where cuteness and horror coexist. Based in Nagano,...

    Creating Balance by Gina Renzi


    Edition: 1 4' x 6' Diamond Rug

    A Color Palette Personified by Gregory Siff


    5' Persian Rug Edition: 10

    Joker III by Norris Yim


    Edition: 1 4.4' x 5.3' Diamond Rug

    Hush Baby by Henryk Lobaczewski


    Edition: 1 5' x 5.8' Persian Rug

    SOLID THOUGHTS by Daniel Largo


    Edition: 1 4' x 4' Canvas Rug

    Life in Color by Vivien Keidel


    Limited Time Release: 1 week 3' x 4'  Canvas Rug

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